Significant dates in Australian History

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26 January 1788 – the first British child is born on Australian soil. Father was Sgt Thomas Whittle of the marines.

25 April 1915 – White British Empire troops land at Gallipoli in first large-scale concerted military action.

9 May 1901 – Duke of Cornwall and York (later George V) opens first
Australian parliament in Melbourne.

12 May 1835 – John Batman founds the most successful British settlement in

13 May 1787 – First Fleet leaves from Plymouth – 750 convicts, 212 marines,
plus sailors, civilians and wives.

31 July 1914 – On outbreak of WW1 leaders of both Australian political
parties pledge support to Britain – “to our last man and our last shilling”,
according to PM Andrew Fisher.

5 August 1914 – Australia fires first shot in defence of the white Empire –
from Fort Nepean, near Melbourne.

22 August 1770 – James Cook claims Oz for Britain.

19 November 1834 – First permanent British settlement in Victoria –

25 November 1803 – First British child born in Victoria – Robert Hobart

23 December 1901 – Immigration Restriction Act legislates for a “White” (=
mainly British) Australia.

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