In praise of a British-Australian hero

Alan Bouch (30/6/1936 – 8/6/2021) was President of what is now the British Australian Community, from 1993 to 1996. This was a period of great difficulty for the BAC. Without Alan’s firm hand on the helm at that time our association would not exist today. But because of Alan’s vision and energy it was also a time of great expansion, when hundreds of fine new people joined as members.

Alan handed over the Presidency to Barrie Hunt in 1996, in order to concentrate on promoting the BAC on free-to-air radio. He then had a weekly program on Radio Port Phillip until ill-health prevented him from continuing.

Alan’s program was called “Northern Lights”, and this is the introduction that he used on December 25, 2009

During Alan’s association with 3RPP, that station broadcast a BAC commercial, written by Alan himself, several times a week. Here it is:

Alan’s radio program promoted British values at the deepest cultural, spiritual and aesthetic level. Here is an extract in which he discusses the practice of Wassailing:

Alan loved the work of the Old English scholar and novelist, JRR Tolkien, and at his funeral he was honoured with this extract from a Tolkien poem:

Unlike many people today, Alan’s life was devoted to the service of his people. Perhaps we shall never look upon his like again.

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