In praise of a British-Australian hero

Alan Bouch (30/6/1936 – 8/6/2021) was President of what is now the British Australian Community, from 1993 to 1996. This was a period of great difficulty for the BAC. Without Alan’s firm hand on the helm at that time our association would not exist today. But because of Alan’s vision and energy it was also […]


The British impact on Aussie music © R. Furlan, 2012 The Swinging Sixties and British Musical DNA The Swinging Sixties was a British cultural phenomenon – influencing fashion, dance, art and, most significantly, music. The sounds were vibrant, creative, compelling. This creative musical source emanated from a combination of the harmonies and lyrics of the […]

Gallipoli – the facts behind the Myths

By Dr Geoffrey Partington The Aim The losses on the Western Front in the early months of war in 1914 and 1915 were far higher than each warring nation had anticipated. After early German advances in Flanders, a virtually stationary Western Front ran from the English Channel to the Alps and thousands of lives were […]

Anglophobia costs Australia $millions

The United Kingdom Settlers’ Association survey of British migrant needs was completed in 1999, with financial assistance from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. As a result of very extensive publicity, almost 11% of the British-born “usual residents” of the City of Melbourne completed survey forms. The largest group of respondents was aged 20 […]

Threats to Brits

There are many threats to the British migrant presence in contemporary Australia. This site will keep you up-dated on some of them. For the moment, read about a sad man called Harold Scruby … Harold Scruby is the executive director of an outfit called Ausflag. You’ve probably heard of him. He’s always writing to newspapers, […]

British Genes Resist AIDS

Six hundred and fifty years ago, the Black Death was stalking Europe. It arrived on ships from Asia, carried by fleas that had infected rats on board the ships. Before it burned itself out, the epidemic had killed about a third of the European population. Today, another plague – AIDS – has ravaged the world. […]

Did you hear about the bigot?

Did you hear about the bigot who hates all things English? He makes a good living in the concreting business, because almost everything in the city depends on this industry. It’s just a pity that reinforced concrete was invented by W.B. Wilkinson in Newcastle, England. Our bigot’s home uses electric power generated by steam turbines, […]

Anglophobia – 7.8% of Australian residents hate Brits

On 23/2/2011 the (Melbourne) Herald Sun newspaper published the results of a very large study which concluded that Australian residents of all racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds particularly disliked specific groups of other Australian residents. The study, released by Kevin Dunn of the University of Western Sydney, was conducted over 12 years and involved 12,500 […]